Welcome to Disability Help Scotland

Disability Help Scotland has been designed to help individuals with disability or impairment making them aware of the help that is out there and links to help families and carers.

As a independent disabled volunteer I have been inundated with request from individuals who found it difficult to access information from the Internet, you will be able to search this site finding information and links about a range of disability help. I hope that, throughout this website, you will find a consistent style and structure to navigate and search quickly to the problem or issue you have, find the answer and resolve the problem.

Disability Help Scotland is ready and willing to share knowledge, experiences and to lend helping hands to others. Disabled people supporting each other can make a difference.

As a Veteran I take pride in having a MOD link to help comrades returning.

As a disabled volunteer I support individuals on a one to one basis enabling them to gain the skills and experience using a computer that helps them communicate using speech or touchscreen with others and to live independently.

If you feel you have something genuine to contribute in the development of Disability Help Scotland or would like to have a link on this site.